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Prof. High Performance

Beyond becoming technically qualified, your time with Sigma Labs will require you to build skills in communication, confidence, and professional behaviour that will impress the people you work with and gain trust throughout your career, thereby providing you with more significant opportunities to develop and make a positive impact.
The focus of pre-work is primarily on achieving a technical baseline, but there is one additional compulsory task - see Challenge 4 in the Pre-Course section.
For those who want to be extra well-prepared, see below for some further guidance on some of the activities and concepts we’ll build on in the first few weeks of the programme.

Interview Scripts

Interviewing is an essential skill you need to excel at (and one you will always need). Our consultants interview clients before they are deployed and you will likely need to complete a competency interview (to check fit and alignment) and a technical interview. We practice interviewing throughout the programme, and failure to fully engage with this process will place you at risk of failing the programme.
From Week 1 you will be preparing for and practising interviews. To give you the best chance of success you will create an interview script for the following commonly asked questions:
How’s your day?
Tell me about yourself.
What are you looking for now?
Give me an example of how you have overcome a problem.
Give me an example of how you persuaded someone to do something they did not want to do.
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
What is your most outstanding achievement?
When have you failed?
Why do you want to work here/ in technology?
Have you any questions for me?
In Week 1 we will guide you through how to answer these questions so you can submit your first draft in Week 2. Fundamentally we look for sufficient detail and energy/engagement to convince an interviewer that you can do the job, that you want the job and that you would be good to work with.
Ahead of training, we recommend you read these two articles from Fast Company;
To give you the best start, if you have time you should draft some of your answers before we start.


The following will also be covered in PHP, though you are not expected to have learned it beforehand (links included for the curious):
to form habits
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