Learning Objectives

Command Line

CL01: Move around your computers directories using cd and cd.
CL02: Create files and folders from the command line using touch and mkdir
CL03: Use ls to list everything in a directory
CL04: Use grep to search for a while
CL05: Use cat to view the content of a file
CL06: Use ps to view the running processes
CL07: Use head/tail to view the start or end of a file
CL08: Use wc to calculate the word count of a file
CL08: Combine commands using pipes
CL09: Give different levels permissions using sudo


G01: Commit changes to a repository
G02: Create a branch and commit to it
G03: Undo mistakes by discarding changes
G04: Use Github to fork a repository
G05: Clone a repository from Github to your laptop
G06: Push your changes to Github


D03: Compare the expected output of code compared to what they’re currently getting


P01: Seeks help when has been stuck for a period of time
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