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Capstone Project


Bring together everything you’ve learnt into a fully working project.
With all that knowledge under your belt, let’s wrap this up with a final project.
Your Capstone Project for this can be as complex as you like, but - if you can - we’d love you to push yourself to achieve something you didn’t think you’d be able to do.
By way of some inspiration and the kind of complexity we’re looking for, take a look at the tutorials below.
Note: please do not just follow one of those tutorials and submit that code. We want to see the code you can write - not code you’ve copied from elsewhere.
Alternatively, you are welcome to build any project of your choosing - children's games are often suitable, as are card games, but ultimately, we’ll leave it up to build a project you’re proud of.


After completing your project, upload your code to a GitHub repository. The repository should include
All of your code
A file named ‘’ which covers what the project does
Instructions on how to run your code

Feedback & Review

In the first few weeks of the programme, we’ll ask you to share and receive feedback on what you’ve built. This isn’t to expose you for the code you’ve written but rather to begin to foster our collaborative culture of feedback that we aim to build throughout the course.

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